In a busy world drawing is my way of slowing down and taking notice

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My style

I love drawing. I have done ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon, and ask anyone who would listen “What shall I draw?!”. Since then, through years of formal study and personal exploration my style has developed to what it is today: delicate, carefully considered, and full of detail.

I love to record the intricate details that drawing helps me to see; in a busy world it is my way of slowing down and taking notice. In particular I am fascinated by the details in the forms and structures of flowers and foliage, appreciating them for their individual beauty.

When a friend asked me to design and illustrate her wedding stationery, it seemed like the perfect outlet for my love of intricate floral illustrations and my growing obsession with all things nuptial! Organising my own wedding and supporting friends to do the same opened my eyes to the endless possibilities for personalising the celebration. I combine current trends with personal touches to create bespoke designs, as unique as each couple.

My Process

My drawings are delicate, intricate, and with a level of accuracy which can only be achieved by drawing from observation. I love to draw “from life” with whatever I’m drawing right in front of me, as it’s the best way to really get to know the subject. If it isn’t possible (or practical!) I work from a good selection of photos, preferably my own.

When creating floral illustrations I start by carefully studying the flowers and foliage, exploring the features through a series of sketches. I create my final illustrations in watercolour, although I still refer to the process as drawing. I scan and digitise the illustrations, which enables me to create beautifully cohesive suites of stationery.