in a busy world drawing is my way of slowing down and taking notice

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I’m naturally inquisitive and drawing helps me to explore and understand more about whatever it is I’m drawing; by studying the details I can record them in my own intricate style. 

My interest and talent for observational drawing stretches back to childhood and has developed through years of formal study and personal exploration. My hand-drawn work is precise and delicate, and my pieces have a fresh and contemporary feel. 

Four years ago I moved from the UK to live and work in China; this new environment fascinated me and I felt the need to record every detail. Initially I took to photography as a quick, easy and convenient way to capture my new surroundings, accumulating hundreds of photographs but rarely looking back at them. Then I began to slow down and sketch and I started to really look at things, rather than just see them.  

Recently I returned to the UK and in a strange twist became fascinated by things I had been surrounded by for most of my life, but deprived of for the last few years. I felt like a tourist in my own country, and elements of British life intrigued me and captured my imagination. I hadn’t experienced British seasons for four years, so I was drawn to the changes in the garden and the local countryside. 

I love to draw things “from life” with whatever I’m drawing right in front of me, but when this isn’t possible I like to have a good selection of photos to work from. At the moment I enjoy working in ink; I love the delicacy that can be achieved and the way it encourages me to look closely and record carefully, as it can’t be erased. I am also intrigued by the infinite possibilities of watercolour and am exploring this versatile, expressive and often unpredictable medium. 

I hope that by sharing with you the things that I find fascinating and beautiful, you too can appreciate some of the finer details that captivate me. If there is something special that you would like me to draw then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.