In a busy world drawing is a way of slowing down and taking notice

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My passion for drawing stretches back to childhood, and has developed through years of formal study and personal exploration. My hand-drawn art work is precise and delicate, and my pieces have a fresh and contemporary feel.

In 2011 I moved from the UK to live and work in China; this new environment fascinated me and I felt the need to record every detail. By slowing down to sketch my new surroundings I started to really look at things, rather than just see them. In a busy world drawing is a way of slowing down and taking notice. On returning to the UK in 2015 I became fascinated by things I had been surrounded by for most of my life, but deprived of during my time abroad. I felt like a tourist in my own country, and elements of British life intrigued me and captured my imagination. I hadn’t experienced British seasons for four years, so in particular I was drawn to the changes in the garden and the local countryside, and a long-standing love-affair with flora was rekindled!

I love to draw things “from life”, with whatever I’m drawing right in front of me. If this isn’t possible I try to have a good selection of photos to work from, preferably my own. I confess to occasionally using pencil set-up lines for complex compositions so I can really focus on the details, but also love the challenge of working directly in ink or watercolour, such fresh & versatile mediums.

When I was asked by a friend to create some bespoke wedding stationery I jumped at the chance, it felt like a perfect outlet for my floral obsession & delicate style! I loved the whole process; it’s truly an honour to be able to contribute to such a special event, and to get caught up in all the love and excitement in the build up to the big day!